How much does it costs to have a security guard?

The costs for our services are, in large part, determined by several factors that include the number of guards, hours per week, time of day, and whether armed or unarmed security guards will be needed.

When do I have to pay?

We generally invoice on the first of each month. We can taylor a payment plan that is convenient for you.  We have clients that pay biweekly, some in advance and some that pay right after the service is performed.

How long is each contract?

Each contract depends on the customer’s needs. Team Patrol can provide services for as short as one day or event or as long as necessary to meet the needs of the customer.

Do I have to pay for overtime?

We are very aware of the wage and labor laws and always comply with the legal requirements. In order to try to keep the costs down for our clients, we normally use two guards if a shift exceeds 8 hours. That way we do not have to bill the client for overtime hours. Most of our staff work between 30 to 36 hours depending on the jobsite account. However, we do pay our guards overtime anytime they work more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period.

What will the security guard do at my location?

The security guard at your location will foot patrol at your location to serve as a deterrent to crime. They will report any criminal or inappropriate activities to the proper authority and document all information on a Daily Activity Report (DAR). Our security guards are trained to identify possible safety threats and respond to situations and events before they become problems.

What is the benefit of having a security guard?

The benefit of having a security guard is that it will enhance the image of your establishment and reduce the number of incidents and complaints.

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What types of establishments does Team Patrol specialize in?

We currently provide security guard services for Apartments, Hotels, Parking Lots, Schools, Shopping Centers and Strip malls.

Our security officers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What kind of training does a Team Patrol security guard receive?

In addition to the standard security guard training, Team Patrol provides specialized training that is specific to the needs of a location. There is not a one size fit all approach. Each location requires a different set of duties. We make sure that the security guards receive the appropriate training. Team Patrol will customize post orders to meet your establishment’s specific needs. For example, some locations require our security guards to direct traffic, keep record of employees, metal detector work, etc. 

Can Team Patrol provide security services at night?

Yes. We offer the security you need around the clock. In addition a mobile supervisor will make regular rounds to ensure your business enjoys the maximum security it deserves! Our security guards are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Will Team Patrol respect my property and my privacy?

Our professional staff will always respect your privacy while carrying out their mission to protect your property. The two are not mutually exclusive. Our security guards are trained to do their jobs with the highest ethical standards. They will always be mindful of your privacy and the communities that they serve.

Team Patrol thanks you for taking the time to consider our services. We are confident that our team can meet and exceed your needs. Give us a chance, you will be glad you did!


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