Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers are often busy with people coming in and out. Statistics show that there is a greater risk to individuals or property while parked in a shopping center lot. Common crimes in parking lots can include property theft, carjacking and abductions.  Team Patrol can minimize these risks substantially by patrolling on foot, bicycle or vehicle. Our security guards can keep members of the public safe and serve as a deterrent to auto theft, loitering and disturbing the peace. We are currently servicing a strip mall and are now ready to serve yours!

In addition we can offer the following services to strip malls/shopping centers:

  • Disperse unauthorized gathering
  • Dissuade solicitors from bothering customers
  • Enforce parking rules and regulations, tow cars if appropriate
  • Ensuring up-to-date reports are provided on special incidents
  • Escorting the homeless off the property
  • Giving people warning slips when parked illegally
  • Golf carts are provided by request
  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)
  • Parking and Traffic Control
  • Placing no-trespassing, warning signs and a guard monitoring system
  • Prevent different forms of vandalism like graffiti
  • Report hazards to management or maintenance personnel
  • Stop unauthorized visits
  • Vehicle Patrol

If your shopping center has a crowded parking lot we can make sure that the only ones parking in your lot are employees and visitors. We have experience in preventing burglaries, robberies and different forms of vandalism from occurring in businesses in both Los Angeles and Orange County. Our security guards are ready to go to any location at any time of day. We promise our security guards will be on time, clean-shaven and ready to protect your assets and instill confidence and security.


Did you know that a security guard working for a security guard company in California must always carry proper identification, and his or her uniform must clearly indicate he or she is “Private Security”? If the shoulder patches don’t clearly state this, the company can be subject to a $250.00 dollar fine. We follow all the latest laws and regulations.

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