Our Guards


  • Have completed the training required by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).
  • Have a security guard license (guard card).
  • Are trained to identify possible safety threats and respond to situations and events before they become problems.
  • Will be clean shaven and well groomed.
  • Will arrive on time and will be ready to begin their shifts at agreed upon times. They will stay until their shifts ends and never abandon the location.
  • When reporting for duty will wear a Team Patrol uniform and all accessories (duty belt, flashlight, communication radios, handcuffs, pepper spray and baton).
  • Will treat all individuals with dignity and respect.
  • Will immediately report any serious/dangerous situations to his/her immediate supervisor and/or local law enforcement. A Team Patrol manager will always be kept aware of the situation. All security incidents will be documented on the Daily Activity Report (DAR).
  • Will avoid engaging in prolonged conversations. They will not initiate conversations but will respond when spoken to.
  • Will avoid activities that are distracting. We encourage our guards to not use their cell phones to make personal calls, browse the internet, or text during the shift.
  • Will be expected to make their presence known by patrolling the area. They will follow the site plan and familiarize themselves with the key areas where presence is needed.
  • Will secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry.
  • Will obtain help by sounding alarms.
  • Will receive the training appropriate for the location.

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