Guard Monitoring

We can place a guard monitoring system to make sure the security guards are clocking in on time and foot patrolling.  Checkpoints can be drilled or taped to the wall.  Guard Monitoring Reports are emailed to the client.

It is the goal of Team Patrol to provide exceptional security guard services. Our security guards are well trained and know that the key to success is excellent customer service. One critical part of their duties is to ensure effective patrolling of an area. To help assure that this is always done, Team Patrol can install a Detex Guard Monitoring system to ensure the team member is clocking in on time and patrolling key areas at regular intervals. The Detex Scanner is a device consisting of two components.Check Points

The first component is a scanner that looks like a small handheld flashlight. The second component consists of small metal buttons that resemble the size of a nickel. These buttons are placed at key points throughout the facility and are known as checkpoints. While patrolling the area, the security guard will scan these checkpoints as they pass by. Team Patrol computers will then receive a record containing the date and time that each checkpoint was scanned. This information is tracked to make sure that patrolling is done on a regular schedule, and can be easily shared with you, our customer.

We specialize in on-site security for night hours!


To help ensure quality services, a Team Patrol supervisor will make random visits to your location to make sure that all duties are being carried out and to address any concerns that you may have.

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